Tuesday, December 28

37 Weeks

I’ve been told baby could come any day now even though my due date is still 3 weeks away. I really hope it’s sooner rather than later because I can barely move anymore. I am swelling pretty bad all over and was instructed to keep my feet elevated. Everything is still looking normal and good, no complications so far.

Our childbirth class is over and things are moving along. I just ordered diapers since I am doing cloth which will be nice with my new handy dandy diaper sprayer. I am really excited to try this. My enthusiasm will probably fade once I change 10-12 diapers a day and do lots of laundry, but I will try to stay optimistic :) I think we are ready as much as we can be for Roo’s arrival, materialistic speaking that is. We have most of the important baby gear and a short list for both boy and girl names. The hard part is picking the “perfect” name off that list.

Please pray for a safe delivery and a healthy baby in the coming few weeks. Todd will most likely be the one keeping you posted by email or Facebook when the time comes.


Wednesday, December 22

So Long Cheesecake

My little Cheesecake had to be put to sleep this afternoon. She became ill very suddenly this week and I knew it was time to say goodbye. My good friend Jessica offered to take her to the vet for me for which I was grateful. I still have Mosey who is going to be quite lonely without her buddy. I am going to have to try a little harder to give her more attention.

This is my favorite picture of Cheesecake from 2009 when her & Mosey came to live with us.


Wednesday, December 8

Mouse Trap

Not to confuse you with the game, this is the real thing. We had a mouse living in our house for who knows how long. We heard chewing under the cabinets in our kitchen last week and finally saw the mouse one evening (under the dishwasher). Further inspection revealed the mouse had visited other parts of the house.

Todd, after getting a few ideas online, created an ingenious live trap to catch the little critter. It involved peanut butter, a cardboard box, a wooden ramp, a coat hanger and some water bottles.

Well, it worked and I found the little guy sitting in peanut butter staring up at me at 4am (I was up for a snack too). I transferred him to another container complete with fabric scraps, cheese, oatmeal and water. I have a soft spot for rodents you know.

Later that morning I found the perfect place to set him free, the field behind Ed & Julie’s house! I know they enjoy having a mouse or two in their house so it worked out. Ha, actually I took him to the park (across the river from the Balls) and let him go. He leapt out of the box like no tomorrow and hid under some leaves.

Good riddance (peanut butter covered) Mickey!


The mouse runs up the ramp into the water bottle tube to get the peanut butter. Once at the end, the off balance tips the tube up so the mouse cannot get out.