Wednesday, April 30

Happy One Year...

Matt & Cherise! Sorry I posted this a little late you two...I've been sick :) Todd & I wish you many more happy years together. We love you!

B&W                                                                                                                                     For those of you who don't know, Matt is my brother (3 years older).

Sunday, April 27

Tulip Festival

Todd & I spent a sunny Saturday afternoon in Mount Vernon viewing tulip fields. The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is held every year in April. This is the second time we have been to it. We also visited an alpaca farm nearby. Alpacas are pretty cute, they look like mini llamas. I'm not sure if they also spit like llamas, I never gave them the chance :)

P1010057-1 P1010033-1 P1010110-1 P1010066-1


Thursday, April 24

Vegetable Garden

I decided to try my hand at growing vegetables this year. Since we don't have a designated spot in the yard yet, I am trying container gardening. The previous owner left lots of transplanting pots...not very attractive...but I did not have to buy any. So far, I have planted 2 tomato plants, 6 Romaine lettuce starts, 1 string pea plant, and eventually some potatoes. My lettuce is starting to grow and I think my tomatoes have also grown. When we get this pile of leaves disposed of, I would like to plant a veggie garden there. I am excited with  my experiment. I have never grown anything edible in pots before...I'll let you know how it goes :) I used a couple sites here & here for ideas.

P1010004 P1010002


Sunday, April 20

Cut Flowers

Another frilly, girly post...sorry guys :) I love these pink Camillas! I had never heard of them until I found some in our yard (and my Mom identified them).  So, I had to cut a few for decoration before they are no longer in bloom (which I read is not very long). The bottom picture is our table decoration with Camillas and Azaleas. Just thought I would share some pretty flowers again...there will be more to come :)P1010126P1010100P1010179


Sunday, April 13

Happy Birthday... you Mom! Hope you have a wonderful day today! Wish we could celebrate with you. I think Matt sent me this photo of you and Dad. I just love it and thought I would share with everyone :)

DSC02764 P1010085

Thursday, April 10

God's Promise

We live in a town that has a high flood risk due to the Nooksack River and its tributaries.  Seeing a rainbow makes me smile, knowing God will never flood the whole earth again...but just maybe Everson, WA :)


Wednesday, April 9

Spring Frost

I took these last week when we had some icy mornings. The frost is pretty, but I am thoroughly looking forward to warmer days!P1010079 P1010010P1010021P1010028 P1010039P1010059P1010037

Saturday, April 5

Dishwasher Exchange

Because our dishwasher (18 years old) was under a homeowners warranty (bought for us), we were able to get $360 towards a new one. The old one sounded like a garbage disposal with its loud grinding it stopped cleaning dishes. Since the broken part was no longer being made, we were given two options: $360 cash or a free cheap model. We opted for the money so we could upgrade to a nicer, Consumer Reports recommended model. We now have three appliances (fridge, stove, dishwasher) that are all different colors...but at least they work...for now :)

The old beast:


Its replacement:



Thursday, April 3

Anniversary Flowers

I received these lovely roses for our anniversary...from Todd of course :) The little pink flowers were decorations from Todd's sashimi plate. We ate at The Loft (thanks Peter & Jessica for the gift)...a Japanese restaurant in "downtown" Lynden. The sashimi was really good...if you like small slabs of raw fish :) The presentation was also beautiful and unique, I wish I had my camera. Todd had cucumber slices that resembled a snail and I had some fried noodle things that looked like coral. Overall it was a fun anniversary dinner date :)P1010082P1010079


Wednesday, April 2

3 Years

Todd & I celebrate our  three-year anniversary today. It seems like only yesterday that we were married on a beautiful, sunny California day. Of course there has been a lot of change & maturing since that day, but I have truly enjoyed every minute of it. I look forward to many more years together with my sweetie :)

These are some of my favorite wedding photos: