Thursday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving!

We woke up to a couple inches of snow this morning! It is beautiful and still going strong. Hopefully we will be able to make it to our friend’s home this afternoon for a yummy feast.

Thank you Lord for a warm house and a husband who works hard to pay those bills!

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32 Weeks

I’m getting closer. Baby is doing well. My doctor believes Roo’s head has moved down which is why I can breathe a little easier these days. Only two more sessions to go in our childbirth class then we are done. Hopefully we’ll remember some of the things we were taught.

Each week that passes I am getting more and more ready to meet our little baby. I am excited to hold Roo…boy or girl…can’t wait to find out.

I couldn’t decide between my two outfits, so you get two similar pictures that show my growing belly :)



Friday, November 12

Roo’s Room

I am not yet done with the room, but thought I would show you what I do have so far. I still need to put pictures & other stuff on the walls, find curtains,  and buy a chair.

1) I chose the crib sheet set because it was colorful and somewhat gender neutral. It came with another sheet with the animal print (same as comforter) and a bed skirt with stripes.

2) The dresser is my old childhood dresser which I painted white, it used to be black and in our bedroom. We got new stuff from IKEA. Another post perhaps :)

3) The adorable & silly sock monster was made by my dear sister-in-law Cherise. He makes me smile every time I walk into the room.

4) The kangaroo photo is a tribute to our little Roo, taken at the Australia Zoo not too long ago.

5) The rippled knit throw is something I made a couple years ago, who knew it would blend with the current color theme.

6) The Space Needle print is what Cherise and I both bought for our baby rooms, they were fun and colorful and only $2.

7-9) The last pictures are of the beautiful quilt my Mom hand made. She even put a little kangaroo on the back.

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Tuesday, November 9

Last Day

Oops, I almost forgot to post pictures of our last day together. We walked to our local coffee shop then continued towards Riverside Park. Holden had a lot of fun on the swings as you can see from these photos. He also had a very strong grip on the monkey bars. Matt would let go and Holden could hang there for a few moments, strong little guy (Holden loved it). Todd got some cute pictures of Holden from the top of the bars.

It’s always difficult to say goodbye at the end of a fun visit and I especially had a hard time once at the airport. Even through the sadness I am thankful for the time we had together and look forward to future visits when the cousins get to play :)



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Friday, November 5


After spending Wednesday touring Todd’s office and downtown Bellingham we made a day trip to Seattle on Thursday. Once again it was just the four of us, sans Todd, after we dropped him off at the University of Washington to work for Logos at the university’s career fair.

We did most of the touristy things we could in Seattle on a rainy day. We first visited the Space Needle and its gift shop then headed to Pike Place to walk around. Cherise and I bought matching $2 art prints to put in each of our baby’s rooms. I’ll have a picture of it when I photograph Roo’s room.

We also saw the gum wall, had lunch at a Russian cafe and then of course visited the famous first Starbucks.





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Wednesday, November 3


The five of us returned Sunday evening then spent all day Monday relaxing and catching up on laundry. Tuesday the four of us, sans Todd (work), drove to Vancouver, B.C. for the day. We had a great time in the rain. Got lost a couple times but finally found our way. Had lunch at a good Thai place then grabbed coffee to go.

We spent a couple hours walking and driving around Stanley Park. Visited the Beluga whales at the back entrance of the aquarium. The whales were being played with/fed by their handlers so we got a great view of them from behind the glass. I think Holden enjoyed watching them too.

We then parked downtown and walked towards Canada Place to get some city shots before dark. Holden also needed his picture next to a Canadian flag for his first time there.

20101026-IMG_3259 20101026-IMG_3276





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Tuesday, November 2

Oregon Weekend

Almost two weeks ago my brother, sister-in-law and nephew flew up from California to stay for 8 days. The day after they arrived in Bellingham we all drove down to Warren, Oregon to spend the weekend with more family. I was given a baby shower and family got to meet Holden for the first time. My parents even flew up for the event, which we had all been planning for awhile. We had a wonderful time chatting, eating and playing games (later on in the evenings).

Thanks again Aunt Cathy, Uncle Lamar & Brittany for hosting all of us for the weekend!






20101023-IMG_3172   20101101-33588_492357358938_668558938_6897089_7761303_n My cousin Anna & I are about 5 days apart. Cathy, I stole this picture from your Facebook :)