Tuesday, October 31

Fair Day

This year I took the girls to the fair all on my own. It was a bit challenging with Ruby, but we managed to see lots of animals and they had lots of fun exploring. Ada ran into a friend from church and was able to ride several rides with her while I kept Ruby busy. She really enjoyed the small animal experience and tractors this year :)


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Aunt & Uncle Visit

At the beginning of August my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Lamar came for a visit. It was the first time they had been to our home, so we had to show them the sights. One of the many pretty sights around here was a drive up to Mt. Baker. It was fairly hazy from a distant fire, but we still had fun playing in the snow and hiking around. On our way down we stopped along the highway and hiked back through the woods to find some old-growth trees. They were pretty big! In tradition, we ended the day at The North Fork Brewery for some pizzas and root beer to share :)