Saturday, May 31

Más Flores

Have you ever seen black pansies? I discovered some in our yard the other day and I have to say they are pretty cool. The Coral Bells were left on our front porch as a May Day gift.  The pot had a note that welcomed us to the neighborhood, but was left anonymous. What wonderful neighbors we have!



Tuesday, May 27


Look how tall these things get (when you forget to pick them).  The asparagus is from our crop yield this crop, I mean the two spears that popped up :)


Thanks Todd for being my size comparison model :)

Monday, May 26

Nature Walk

Todd & I took another walk along the Nooksack River on Saturday. The river is pretty high right now (which is why the Ski to Sea canoe leg was canceled), but we were able to find a nice sand bar to explore. I mostly took photos of the beautiful wild flowers we have around these parts. At another spot, there was a field of dandelions. Dandelions are quite stunning when ready to seed. I never fully appreciated how unique they are...though they are still not welcome in our yard :)P1010014P1010069P1010097P1010136P1010141-1P1010220P1010236-1P1010206 P1010237P1010239

Sunday, May 25

Ski to Sea

Every year in May, Whatcom County holds the Ski to Sea Race from Mt. Baker to Bellingham Bay. It takes place all in one day, beginning at 8:30 am. The race has seven parts in which a baton (timing chip) is passed at the end of each leg to the next teammate. The seven legs in order are: cross country skiing, downhill skiing/snowboarding, running, biking, canoeing, mountain biking & sea kayaking. Our little town of Everson is known to most during this time of year. Usually, the bikers hand off the baton to the next portion of the race which is canoeing. They start at a little park near us on the Nooksack River. Unfortunately for this year, the river was too high so they had to cancel that part of the race. I guess it is quite an event involving over 500 teams with seven-eight people per team. Todd & I were able to catch part of the race after church this morning. It was a lot of fun seeing so many people in our small city. Not that we would, but today would have been a perfect day to break the law because all of our policemen were directing traffic :)P1010006-1P1010024

Friday, May 23

More Garden Blooms

Here's what's blooming now:


Wednesday, May 21


Here are a few more pictures from Matt's computer. Some are quite scary....well, maybe all of them are :)

Photo 31Photo 18 Photo 28Photo 1

Photo 19  Photo 24

Monday, May 19

I'm Back!

I am finally home after spending nine wonderful days in California with family. As I said earlier, I got to surprise Matt for his 30th. My parents & I drove out to their apartment in Hemet and I was the first person he saw when he opened the door. He was definitely surprised :) We had breakfast with him & Cherise then stayed around for a birthday party with some of her family. We also had a nice Mother's Day, the first in three years with all of us together. DSCN3016

DSCN3017P1010071 P1010072 DSCN3050

The rest of my time was spent with Mom & Dad lounging around the house chatting, shopping & eating. I did get to spend one full day with my brother on his day off. On other evenings, I visited with my friend Trisha (she was my maid of honor) and my cousin Jason & his wife Rosa. You'll notice all their dogs in the pictures, they were fun. Speaking of dogs, my dog Goldie is almost 14 now! She is officially an old girl and completely deaf.  I had to leave her behind when Todd & I moved up North, but my parents take good care of her :)


P1010016P1010008 P1010009

My Dad, being the practical jokester that he is, had some fun with us. I was startled when he left a foot in the hallway & a hand on the doorknob for me. I have no idea why they startled me, do you know how many times I have seen them over the years...way too many to be jumpy :) We also had fun with an itchy you can see.




Of course I took lots of pictures of flowers around the yard and of lovely Yucaipa scenery. It's very brown right now...actually, all year round except for a couple of months it's green. The weather was wonderful though, it was in the 80's most of the time. The end of last week was when it heated up to the mid 90's and the low 100's when I flew home Saturday.  I had a great time and miss my family already. I am glad to be home with Todd though, it was a long time without my hubby :)



P1010169 DSCN3072

P1010015 P1010037