Thursday, December 18

Christmas Lights

Ok, one more post before I leave on vacation. These are our new LED lights we got this year for the outside. We had a few more strands starting out, but some died so I took those back. I love the way the colors reflect off the snow in the close-up shots. I would have taken more but it was really windy & cold (20 F) so I was not outside very long :)



DPP_00012352 DPP_00012354

Wednesday, December 17


So much for our “mild” winter, we are finally getting our snow & ice this year. I was hoping it would wait until after our drive down to California for Christmas, oh well. As long as we can get through the mountain passes I am ok with it :) Which reminds me that I won’t be blogging for a couple weeks. See you all after the New Year! Have a Merry Christmas too!





Tuesday, December 9

I Can Has Cheezburger?

I love animals and enjoy looking at pictures of animals. This site listed above (in my title) is pretty funny. Once in awhile it is inappropriate, but most captions are cute and some are quite funny. If you cannot read the grammar, that is point. I guess it’s supposed to be more cute with misspelled phrases, I don’t know.  Hope you find these pictures enjoyable…my favorite is the top one.





Sunday, December 7

Fun Guy

I took these a couple months ago but forgot to post them. I loved this little mushroom. He was sitting all by himself so I decided to take his picture. At one angle he was luminescent with the light shining through his gills. He really was a fun guy, at least to photograph…and yes,  I know I am weird :D

DPP_00012357 DPP_00012351 DPP_00012354

Tuesday, December 2

Tree Trimming

Last Saturday Todd and I picked out our Christmas tree. It was so wet and cold that we picked our trees rather quickly. We actually cut two, one for us and the other for our neighbor (whose kids I watch each week). I think the variety we got this year was a Nordmann Fir, they were growing next to the Noble Firs, so  I am not really sure. On the way home the car smelled really good because we had to put ours inside and the other on top. We have a  very spacious vehicle :)


DPP_00012316 DPP_00012317