Friday, April 30

Pretty Pinks

I wanted to post my pretty peonies and English daisies before our big trip tomorrow. Our flight is a total of 18 hours, 14 of those non-stop to Sydney. I think that is officially the longest I have been on one leg of a flight. It shouldn’t be too bad though, we get to choose from 60 movies, 200 TV channels, games and music. We will try to sleep for a lot of it too. We also get eye masks and socks and a toothbrush, cool huh! I enjoy the simple things in life, sometimes way too much. :) I also can get really anxious before travelling and only find comfort knowing the Lord has control of it all. But I better stop procrastinating and get back to packing!

I’ll try to post a few pictures once there.



IMG_4118-3 IMG_4138-4

Wednesday, April 14


Here are a few pictures from the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon. I took hundreds more (I am getting good use out of my new lens), but there are only so many flower shots you can post :)







IMG_3332-4 IMG_3414


IMG_3420  IMG_3505


Tuesday, April 13

Happy Birthday…

To you Mom! I hope you have a wonderful day being your wonderful self! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you and take you out for dinner. Maybe next year :)

Love you!


Saturday, April 10

I Am Loved

I was completely shocked when Todd came home with a box containing a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L lens the other day.  I was not expecting that at all…or ever. I was thinking about what I was going to do for our Australia trip coming up in three weeks, I figured my cheap 55mm lens would have to do. Thanks again for those of you who pitched in to make it possible (early B-day present). I am loved and I love all of you! Now I just need to build up the hand/arm strength to hold the sucker. :D

1. The robin picture was cropped quite a bit but I was impressed by how sharp it still looks.

2. & 3.You can see that the sparrow is still pretty sharp after cropping from the picture above it.

4. Just a budding branch of a tree, not cropped.



IMG_3082-7 IMG_3237

Friday, April 2

5 Years

Today is our five year anniversary which also landed on Good Friday. I am so grateful for a loving husband and a loving Savior who died to give us life. Without Christ in our lives Todd and I would have never met!

We spent most of the day doing yard work. I pulled my back earlier this week shoveling mulch, but I was able to help a little. We ripped out tons of Lily of the Valley which had decided to take over our flower beds. We still have lots more all over our yard, so if you want some you can come dig it out before we get to it :)

We also had dinner at our favorite Herb Niemann’s steak house, it was delicious as always! You have to try the Cajun Sirloin if you like a little heat.

I’ll have pictures of the yard when we are done, for now you get to see our goofy faces!