Saturday, November 29


Hopefully you all had a nice Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful time with our dear friends and their family. There were around 18 people (I think). I knew about half of them, so it was not too intimidating :) We actually had a lot of fun. A tradition of theirs is to watch a movie after dinner, and this year it was “The Bucket List.” Pretty good movie, thought provoking and humorous.

This is the best picture I took of the evening, sad, huh :)


Tuesday, November 25

Blogging Block

Hi Everyone! I have been really stuck lately in what to post. I have not been taking very many outside pictures cause it’s cold :) I guess I could do indoor photos, but it’s been too dark…I need natural light for indoor shots :) I have also been somewhat busy hanging out with my neighbor and watching her cute kids several times a week. I am so thankful for friends! Oh, with Thanksgiving coming soon, what are you all doing? We have been invited to join a couple from our church and their family. I am looking forward to it and eating stuffing and mashed potatoes! Happy Thanksgiving!


The picture is from a winery I visited with a friend near Seattle last weekend.

Thursday, November 20

Late Bloomers

I thought dandelion season was over, but I guess I was wrong. I found one in our yard that is pretty good size. The silvery pincushion flower also looks like it is trying to bud. Its growing season was over a couple months ago for the rest of the plant…strange. We have had a lot more sun and I think it’s been warmer than usual? I also heard this winter is supposed to be mild, lets hope so :)



Friday, November 14

Wood Stove

This is what keeps our entire house nice and warm! We just started using it this fall and hope it will save us $100-120 a month on heating costs (compared to natural gas). We also heat up water for tea on the stove, saving tons more :) Todd spent last weekend building a lean-to for the wood. He built it from scraps we had around the yard, pretty cool for a free project.



Tuesday, November 11

All Play & No Work

As you can see, Todd is the one with the rake, I obviously have the camera. What does that say about me when it came to raking leaves this past weekend? Hmm…I let Todd do all the work :) I did rake a few leaves out from under the hazelnut tree to collect a few more fallen hazelnuts. That counts, right?









Friday, November 7

Liquid Sunshine

We have had a lot of rain in the last couple of days. I think the weather is finally making up for all the sunshine we enjoyed this October. With all the rain we now have a couple ponds forming in the backyard (and a few lakes down the street). If only it were warmer, you all could bring your suits & go for a swim. Yay Everson! The flood capital of Whatcom County :D

Since it’s still fall, here are a couple pictures taken before the rain…



Sunday, November 2


Here are what my plants & flowers look like after an intense day of rain that we had today. Heh, they pretty much look like this when it rains normal :) The bottom two pictures show the last of the red on the burning bush, just orange berries remain.

Hopefully you all remembered to change your clocks, we forgot and got to church a little early…luckily we only live two minutes away :)

DPP_00012308 DPP_00012304