Saturday, January 20

Ada Turns 7!

We can’t believe our Ada is 7, time sure flies! She has turned into a sweet young lady with a heart for Jesus and a love for reading, art, LEGOS, and dancing. This year Ada wanted a Frozen themed party and after looking online together for cake ideas, showed me what she wanted. Other than a few lumps and awkwardness the cake turned out pretty cute and Ada was very happy with it. We had a large group of 10 kids to celebrate with this year, including Ada’s cousin Layla. They played bean bag toss, create-a-creature (with marshmallows) and pin the nose on Olaf followed by presents and cake. We are thankful for so many friends & family!










Wednesday, December 27

Surfing & Last day

Todd and Ada had fun taking a surfing lesson right across the street from our condo. They got the hang of it pretty quickly for only a two hour lesson. They also got a free rental for the next morning, which was also the day of our flight home…so sad to leave.

The first few pictures were taken by the surfing school, couldn’t pass up their  awesome angles.

The girls also made friends with our neighbors’ dog Nugget. He was very sweet!