Thursday, July 30

Girls Night Out

To celebrate my neighbor Marla’s birthday we had a girls night out in Seattle. Her friends Amy, Lisa and Amber joined us for the fun evening.  We walked around for a bit in 90 degree weather before deciding we were too hot. So we found a nice restaurant, Etta’s, and cooled off while we ate dinner. After that we tried to find a fun improv show to go to but were told by a local that they only happen on weekends. The same local said there was a giant gumball nearby, so we walked below the street level in search of it. Turns out she said gum wall, not gumball. It truly was a huge wall covered in gum. Gum made into shapes like hearts and trees, kind of disgusting, yet kind of cool. We didn’t have any gum to add to the collection, but it was neat to look at and it smelled sort of good :)















Monday, July 27

Logos Picnic

This past Saturday was the annual picnic for Todd’s work. It is fun to see what they add every year for free entertainment and food. This year, along with the rock wall and bouncy house, they had a bungee run. Todd had fun racing a couple co-workers down the lanes. I didn’t get a clear picture of Todd, but you get the idea. From the picture I can’t tell if the guys purposely did not race him, or if he was doing a practice run by himself…hmm. For food, they added a a yummy Dutch poffertjes booth which normally you have to wait for the county fair to get.

I spent the afternoon catching up with a few people and hanging out with my friend Julie. And as usual I photographed mostly animals and flowers. I love the sheep picture, looks like she is singing (Mom & Dad, I hope you think of me :)). I did get a couple cute pictures of Julie’s daughter Elise.

DPP_00014807  DPP_00014820 DPP_00014822 DPP_00014829

DPP_00014833 DPP_00014863





Saturday, July 25

Fun with Neighbors

Todd took Thursday off to spend some quality time with me, my neighbor Marla and her two kids, Breanna & Dylan. We drove to Artist Point up at Mt. Baker since they had just opened the road the week prior. It’s fun to visit because you can throw snowballs in t-shirt kind of weather. The kids had a lot of fun playing with Todd, they adore him. We made stops for lunch, walked part of Picture Lake and took pictures next to some sculpted crows. While we were standing around after lunch a cute grey bird swooped down right in front of us and stole Dylan’s half eaten cheese stick. What a brave bird. The kids must have been wiped out because they were fast asleep on our way home. It was a fun and memorable day for us and the kids.



DPP_00014707 DPP_00014714
















Sunday, July 19

Goodbye Goldie

My sweet Goldie has passed on to greener pastures. I believe she was fourteen, soon to be fifteen. She was no longer able to get up on her own and so the decision had to be made to put her down.

She was my doggie from junior high until I got married. She was a good dog. She followed me everywhere and would wait for me every night by the front door until I got home in the wee hours. From there she followed me to my room where she slept next to my bed. This was of course before I married Todd. My Mom soon took over as her best buddy, following her everywhere since I was gone.

We adopted Goldie, a Lab/Golden Retriever mix, at the local shelter where she was being treated for Parvo. The virus can be fatal, but she did well with the treatments and grew strong. She loved, and I mean loved bread! Just the crinkle of a bread bag would send her flying into the kitchen for a snack. She pretty much liked all food, even ate a couple tomato worms.

She once got stung on the face by a bee, reminded us of a Shar Pei all puffy and wrinkly. I was also able to teach her some tricks, like rolling a tennis ball back and forth on the ground. I would sit and and roll the ball to her, she would nudge it back with her nose, it could go on for several minutes before she wanted to play catch for real. Never could leash train her not to drag me on a walk. She rarely barked and never bit on purpose.

She was a good dog and will be well missed, goodbye sweet girl. These are the last pictures I took when I was visiting in April.




Monday, July 13

Weekend Work

We painted more of the house this past Saturday and it was hot! We did stay on the north sides to avoid the direct sun, but by the end of eight hours we were done painting for the whole weekend. Todd gets to paint the top story, I don’t know how brave I feel to do it.

While Todd was painting I snuck a few floral pictures from the day. The baby birdie was on the ground not quite able to fly yet, I hope he found his wings.

If anyone knows this, what is the orange ball of flowers called? Also, the little blue flowers, any ideas what that is?









DPP_00014654 DPP_00014664 DPP_00014612