Wednesday, February 27

Early Spring Blooms

Little bits of color are popping up all over our yard. It has been fun to discover the many colors of the crocus and dwarf iris. Can anyone tell me what the little white & green flowers are?

P1010020 P1010056 P1010075 P1010101 P1010112 P1010114

Thursday, February 21

Lunar Eclipse

Did y'all see the moon last night? It was pretty cool. I guess it's rare for an eclipse to occur in the early evening (I heard they usually happen in the wee hours of the morning). I think it was around 7:30ish when we saw it. Todd was able to get some neat pictures of the orange ball in the sky :)

Tuesday, February 19

Little Froggy

I came across this little fellow while working in the yard Monday. Isn't he cute? I've always had a thing for toads and frogs, I used to play with them as a child. Since Todd had Monday off & it was a gorgeous day, we decided to rake up the last of the leaves. The picture shows just how big our pile has gotten. We should be getting our yard waste service soon, I am very happy about that. It will be nice to get rid of that eyesore :)

Friday, February 15

Nooksack River

Todd & I took a ten minute walk down to the river last Saturday. It's pretty cool to live so close to the Nooksack. I read that bald eagles like our river, especially in January. I have seen about three fly over our house since we moved in. Although we did not see any eagles that day, we did have fun skipping rocks and taking pictures. We were able to walk out onto a rocky sandbar, the river was very low as you can see. Of all the beautiful scenery, I loved the colors of some "rainbow" bushes we walked through. The reds, oranges & yellows were quite stunning.

Thursday, February 14

Wednesday, February 13

Sea Glass

For those who wanted to see my jar of it is :) There are also bits of pottery from other sea glass hunting trips. According to my experience, greens, whites (clear) & browns are the most common colors. Blues are moderately-difficult to find. Purples, reds & yellows are rare.

Saturday, February 9

Wedding Photos

Todd & I happened upon our wedding photographer's website to see what was new. We were surprised to see us in her portfolio. Jessica Verma is a talented photographer who works and lives in Los Angeles. If you enjoy taking pictures, her website is an inspiration. See if you can spot the two photos of Todd & I in the "day after" gallery:

Saturday, February 2

Down By the Bay

Todd & I spent a beautiful, but very cold, day near downtown Bellingham. There is a small beach near Bellingham's industrial area that we decided to visit. The purpose of our visit was to search for seaglass. One of my favorite pastimes is to search for this special glass. At this beach (which Todd discovered on his walks during his office breaks) you can find oodles of glass. Todd, being the creative person that he is, found another form of entertainment while there. Using a plain log balanced on another, he created a teeter totter! We had a lot of fun. I was afraid the log would snap under our weight, but thankfully it did not :)

I like Todd's angle from the log in this photo