Sunday, November 12

Maui (first day)

I finally got through the summer posts, now on to Hawaii. We were in Maui for 17 days, and it didn’t seem long enough. Tom and Cindy joined us for part of our trip which was lots of fun! Having Grandpa and Grandma there made it extra-special for Ada and Ruby.

We spent a lot of time at the beach. We tried a few and found our favorites for snorkeling. My highlight of the trip was swimming super close to a large turtle while it munched on algae in the reef. It didn’t seem to mind my presence so I stayed awhile, could have stayed all day watching it.

Ada loved swimming, snorkeling, boogie boarding, and surfing (anything in the water). Ruby enjoyed swimming and playing with her sand toys. We all enjoyed trying new foods and with so many good restaurants and food trucks in the area we found our favorites. We ate lots of poke (raw fish), fish tacos, kalua pork, and acai smoothie bowls :)

Not that many pics from the first day, just getting our bearings. I also took a mix of iPhone and dslr photos throughout the entire trip.

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